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Re: Dial on Demand

Am Mi, den 19.05.2004 schrieb Richard McGrath um 07:09:

> How could I get my FC box to dial a ppp interface (ISDN modem) whenever 
> a DNS request is detected outside of the boxes network (assuming the 
> same box is the local DNS server).
> The ISDN modem drops out after 20 minutes of no activity so it would be 
> nice to just dial up when a request is made with out having to manually 
> go and start it up.
> Thanks for any help,
> Richard

I am not sure about your hardware setup for ISDN. But if you set up the
software side (ippp; ppp) to be auto dialing, you just need to be sure
the default route is set again on the outgoing ISDN device by adding

route add default ippp0

in /etc/ppp/ip-down.local (that file does not exist by default, but will
be called if you create it as a bash script with execute permissions).


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