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Re: How-to set up weekly backup onto a separate HDD?

On Sun, May 16, 2004 at 03:06:41PM +0000, Coume - Lubox.com wrote:

> The annoying thing with tar.gz IMHO is that it will always backup
> everything, when it could be easier and far more quicker to have an
> incremental stuff to backup only the modified files...  any idea and
> tips are welcome :)

review the tar man page or info pages
       info tar
       man tar
You will find that you can pass tar a list of file names
and directory names.  

If I only want a single file from /etc/ saved.
One file from  /bin and all of /var/tmp saved
in a single tar archive "/tmp/tarball".

Something like this shell script might do the trick.

   $ cat tarbundle.sh

   #! /bin/bash
   tar cvf  /tmp/tarball   \
           /etc/passwd     \
           /bin/sh         \

This is sort of limited by the command line but, Even if NAMEs are
often specified on the command line, they can also be read from a text
file in the file system, using the `--files-from=FILE-OF-NAMES' (`-T
FILE-OF-NAMES') option.

What this implies is that a system admn can keep a list of each file
that is edited and automate a backup of it.  Some files are configured
with tools but each of those can be discovered with a little attention.

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