PXE capable network cards?

Joel Jaeggli joelja at darkwing.uoregon.edu
Wed May 19 12:17:33 UTC 2004

On Wed, 19 May 2004, Matt Hansen wrote:

> Hello all,
>    I'm interested to try out a PXE boot but I'm unsure whether my net
> adapter is capable of this. There's not much documentation confirming
> this or not however this page suggests it supports it.
> http://www.wlug.org.nz/PXE
> Can anyone with the same card confirm whether it supports PXE or not?
> Card: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ (rev 10)

depends on wether or not you can select it as a boot device in your bios 
or if offers you the option on startup... I have machines with 8139's that 
can pxe boot.
> Regards,
> -Matt

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