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Re: basic list mail content: FC1 or FC2

Am Mi, den 19.05.2004 schrieb Tom 'Needs A Hat' Mitchell um 13:47:

Hi Tom!

> > - Should posters (nearly) always start their postings with a preface,
> > stating whether it is Fedora Core 1 or Fedora Core 2?
> A simple statement would help. 
> 	 running FC1 
> 	 running FC2 fresh install
> 	 running FC2 upgrade from FC1
> 	 running FC2 upgrade from Rawhide
> 	 running FC2 upgrade from RH9
> 	 running FC2 upgrade from I forgot (be honest ;-)
> 	 running FC2 upgrade from I forgot CPU 64bit AMDxxx

Yes, such base information would be very helpful in many cases. My
question about "FC1 or FC2" as given information was just the minimum of
basic information by the poster. (As a - not so important - side effect
we could also observe how fast and by which ways users migrade from one
release / version to another.)

> And, if people get in the habit of telling what they are working on
> and working with things will simplify.  Example a person with bash
> troubles would be wise to tell us the obvious and not snow us with
> details.
>     kernel ==> uname -a
>     bash   ==> rpm -q --whatprovides `which bash
>     # describe what they are attempting....

Right, not telling stories but with some kind of "header" or short
preface at top of the mail, giving that kind of rough information is
very wishful from my point of view. I mean not posting the complete
host's and network data, but something which is common for bug

The only thing, and that was already mentioned by someone taking part in
this thread, we can hardly expect such behaviour to be standard, at
least not from Fedora / Linux freshmen. Although it might be a good
starting point, if those who a a bit familiar with these things post
their problems and questions that way. The more it is seen that giving
that short form of information not being a barrier but improve help
efforts, the more it might become a widely accepted style.

> Bottom line FC1 .vs. FC2 is less interesting than a more fully
> described question.

> It is however a start.

Acknowledge here too. How to ask smart questions ...

> 	T o m  M i t c h e l l 


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