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Re: FC2: Dual-Boot/Grub problems

red_alert the-psychiatry ch wrote:

I just freshly installed FC2 (was running a FC-latest-development-system before,
but had to completely repartition my harddisc). I told the setup to install
Grub into the MBR, but there's still the winxp boot loader :-/

so i've tried to boot in rescue mode from the CD and grub-install /dev/hda
manually (after chrooting). but this only tells me about problems with the
stage1-file (which exists). what should i do now? and no, i wouldn't like to
configure the winxp-bootloader :P

my harddisc:
/dev/hda1 (~10GB)  = ntfs (winxp pro sp1)
/dev/hda2 (~16GB)  = vfat (share, not yet in /etc/fstab)
/dev/hda3 (~10GB)  = ext3 (FC2)
/dev/hda4 (~0.5GB) = swap

oh, i just remembered: during the installation it told me about a bit strange partition table and i ignored it - could that've caused the problem? what should i try to do, if I'm getting this message?!

thx 4 your help!


I'm not sure what you are experiencing, but if it is the dual-boot problem discussed in Fedora-Test-List, try reading


to see if that solves your problem.

Gerry Tool

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