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Re: Xfce and FC2 (installs, but not fully functional?)

Gerry Tool wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:

how am i supposed to install Xfce in FC2? (without installing everything)
I copied all the xfce*.rpm files from CD4 to a directory and did an rpm -Uvh *.rpm to install XFce. It installed fine and it now appears in the session menu.

However, when I run it, I get a message window that says:
"Your window manager does not seem to support the new window manager hints as defined on http:/www.freedesktop.org. Some XFce features may not work as intended."

this is because you have *not* copied all needed RPMs! you left out the window manager xfwm4.rpm...
exactly this was my complaint: how am i supposed to know that xfwm4 is the window manager for xfce?
is not a dependency, because xfce can work without it (if we can call this "work") and yum will not automatically install it as dependency.

also note xffm.rpm - the file manager, probably xfsprogs (don't know if is needed) and all libxfce*.rpm and xfdesktop.rpm


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