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Re: Upgrading to FC2

On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 23:56, Dylan Parry wrote:
> I am currently using FC1 and am downloading the ISOs for FC2 as I type!  
> Every time I have upgraded my OS (RH7.3 > RH8.0 > RH9 > FC1) I have  
> performed a clean install, but this time I cannot risk losing all my  
> settings etc. So my question is, if I perform an upgrade rather than a  
> clean install will I lose all the settings and things I have spent so long  
> making?
> In particular will my XF86Config file be overwritten and will any programs  
> I have installed that are not part of FC be lost during the process?

FC2 does not use XF86 - it moves to X.org's Xserver, so if you have
significant customisations in your Xserver configuration, you will have
to re-apply them to FC2.

Other programs should be unaffected in they have no dependencies on
programs that do get upgraded.

<disclaimer>I have not yet upgraded to FC2 :)</disclaimer>

Cheers, Ben

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