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Re: The best things in Fedora Core 2

João Paulo (LinuxMall) wrote:

What are the best things in Fedora Core 2? I did't use it yet. But I would like to know what do users think about:

- hardware detection

It detected my eth card(fc1 had some problems) and other devices. Not the matrox pharelia. Anyway... good detection

- variety of applications (large or could be better)

With a complete installation of about 6,6 Gb Fedora has a great amount of applications.

- ease of installation and use

I think Anaconda installer is very easy to understand. I first started to 'play' with linux with an old rh, but the installation method was simple and i liked it instanctly

Use... I'm not a linux guru, for the needs i have at the moment i found Fedora simple, not the best distro on this way, but simple.

- stability (it's really good?)

- looks like Red Hat 9.0 in what aspects

Many aspects. Graphically the bluecurve theme is dominant and i haven't found improvements.
I think the peculiar difference is that fedora uses grub as a bootloader, when rh gave the choice between lilo and grub; but for many aspects the distro's an evoluted rh.

- performance for slow computers

I tried it on a P4 2,66 - 1Gb RAM Machine. It seems to me a little slow and heavy. Haven't tried it on slower machines.



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