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..:: [ FC2 ] ::.. NON-CRITICAL config question.

Hey all, My name is john and I am brand new to linux. I can count the
hours booted into linux in my fingers, but I got sold on the F/OSS ideal
and I am going to make this work.

I installed FC2 last night and when it resolves my hostname through eth0 
it is some long ass nonsense that it gets dynamiclly from COMCAST.

I want to change that to be a name I pick

I looked through the BASH manual and through a few orielly books on tcpip,
I googled and looked through some n00b forums, no luck...

How do I configure my system to have a custom name that shows up on the
prompt while still accepting and using the dynamic IP sent from comcast?

I understand that there are considerably more critical issues that need to
be adressed but I suspect that this question is trivial to many of you and
can be anwsered easily.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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