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upgrading from FC2T3 massive dependency problems w/ up2date

I already posted this question on the fedora-test list but I was told to
check this list rather than the test one. Perhaps someone can help me here
since I just have configured the system and don't really fancy a fresh
install of FC2.

I installed FC2T3 about a week ago. Up2date worked better than expected
and i installed all the updated suggested including the new up2date
package. This one replaced in the sources file the rawhide channels with
fc2. That file didn't work on that day but it does now.
Now -ehen trying to install the gnome-vfs packages (among others)
up2date complains about (mostly bonobo) dependency problems with a huge
list of installed gnome apps.

I don't know what exactly has changed in the packages. Therefore I was
afraid of screwing up my system by forcing the updated.

Any suggestion how to solve this problem?


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