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Re: FC2 - keyboard won't work with SMP kernel

>>>>> "Robin" == Robin Bowes <robin-lists robinbowes com> writes:

    Robin> On Wed, May 19, 2004 16:27, Colin Paul Adams said:
    >> I reported earlier today that after upgrading from FC1 to FC2,
    >> I could no longer use my keyboard. Bummer!
    >> I decided to do a fresh install, This didn't exactly fix the
    >> problem, but it did pinpoint it more accurately.
    >> It turns out that my keyboard will work with a up kernel (which
    >> I had removed from FC1, so it didn't get upgraded), but not
    >> with the SMP kernel.
    >> Is there some kernel paramter that might get round this
    >> problem? Or better yet, a fix?
    >> I'm not very happy running with only 1 CPU instead of 4 - I
    >> might as well use Microsoft, to get that kind of benefit!

    Robin> Colin,

    Robin> I've had problems with the keyboard on my FC1 box (Epox
    Robin> D3VA with dual P3 1Ghz, PS2 mouse and keyboard) when I
    Robin> upgraded to the 2.6.5 kernel. Both keyboard and mouse work
    Robin> fine with a 2.4.x kernel.

    Robin> I installed 2.6.6 this morning but did not reboot as I am
    Robin> downloading the FC2 DVD ISO and didn't want to break the
    Robin> machine before the download was complete!

    Robin> I'll try rebooting tonight and see if it affects the
    Robin> keyboard issue.

    Robin> Out of interest, what kernel does FC2 come with?

Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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