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FC2: Gaim Intermittent Sounds

Wondering if anyone here is having issues with Gaim only playing sounds
intermittently? There is no rhyme or reason to it... sometimes new
messages play sounds, sometimes they don't. I've tried changed the
output from Automatic to both ESD and Arts, and even set it to 'command'
and set the command to 'aplay %s'. No luck.

It's odd, because I am listening to an MP3 stream in xmms fine (closing
xmms doesn't fix it), and when I open the preferences and go to the
sounds, clicking "test" on the events works great.

It doesn't sound like a multiplexing issue, because I can listen to xmms
and still hear the test sounds, as well as other system sounds. I've
also downloaded the Gaim SRPM and recompiled it, with the same issues.

Hoping someone here could confirm/deny this behavior on their FC2 system
before I jump on IRC and try and track down the Gaim folks.


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