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Re: Any bugs in Fedora Core 2?

There will ALWAYS be bugs in any software. The question is: How many and how 

On Tuesday 18 May 2004 08:20 pm, Peter Mount wrote:
> I just got a copy of Fedora Core 1. I've been told to wait a while before
> getting a copy of Fedora Core 2. How long does it normally take for any
> updates to appear in the Fedora distro? Where would this be announced?

Updates appear faster when bugs are discovered and fixed. The discovering 
part anyone can do. Just get a recent version of the software and try it 
out. File bugs on bugzilla. The fixing part is more difficult, but a large 
section of the Fedora community can do it, and should.

> I've got a programming exam in a couple of weeks (as well as an
> assignment due next week) so I can't spend time loading Fedora onto one
> of my hard drives now anyway.

Don't upgrade until you're right and ready and you've backed up your data. 
Businesses will fix an upgrade date into their project schedules. You 
should treat your home computer no differently.

Jonathan Gardner
jgardner jonathangardner net

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