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Re: Opinion: NVIDIA drivers are a BAD Thing [tm]

Jonathan Gardner wrote:

> Apparently you've never heard of ATI. Their Linux drivers are all open 
> source and it appears that they are actively cooperating with the community 
> and trying to push X and Linux integration forward. While they aren't 
> disclosing trade secrets they aren't at liberty to disclose, they are 
> giving enough information legally that the developers can figure out those 
> secrets or develop their own solutions.
> I have been using ATI cards for several years, and as long as I use older 
> hardware (7000 series nowadays), Linux works fabulously with them, even 3D 
> acceleration.

And yet, they don't run 3d as fast as ATI's closed source drivers.
Admittedly, ATI's better in supporting open source than Nvidia, but they
aren't perfect either.

Elliott Wilcoxon

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