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Re: Reboot rant [was: Re: : [ FC2 ] ::.. NON-CRITICAL config question.]

I seem to recall that the redhat-config-network app. suggests rebooting when changing host names. I haven't used it in a while, so maybe it doesn't anymore? [shrug] Anyway, if it does, then you should send your rant to the redhat-config-network app. developers as well.

Agreed. The message is actually "You may want to restart your network and network services or reboot your machine". Perhaps, in keeping with other items, there needs to be an "apply" button, or similar [ie, what is on say, the redhat-printer-config panel], such that the changes are more than saved, they are applied. So, if there are any fedora developers out there.... Of course, this should (IMO) go into a basic UI design document for all of fedora "after market" tools.

Just my opinion, of course..

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