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Re: Need adivce: moving from stock IMAP server to Cyrus IMAP. How hard is it?

Am Mi, den 19.05.2004 schrieb Apollo's list account um 19:21:

> My users like to keep 500 to 1000 messages in their mailboxes and 
> average about 500K per message (we are a talent management company, so 
> there is lots of multimedia being exchanged).
> So far I have been running whatever came stock with FC1, so I have 
> Postfix with WU IMAP running in that standard UNIX mailbox mode.
> Can I keep Postifix and just change it to Cyrus IMAP style mailboxes and 
> install Cyrus IMAP? Or do I have to start from scratch?
> Fortunately I have only 10 users, so I will have to deal with about 10K 
> in messages and about 150 sub folders.

Of course you can keep Postfix to run it in conjunction with
Cyrus-IMAPd. But be aware that migration from uw-imap is not that easy.
In any way, either after a fresh new install of FC2 with Cyrus-IMAPd or
after an upgrade, you will have to migrate the mbox format mails to the
format that Cyrus-IMAPd uses (a Maildir format). Cyrus-IMAPd comes with
a tool for that. You may alternatively go over a second IMAP server to
which you move the IMAP folder contents and after the main server was
migrated get back all the content.

Read the Cyrus-IMAPd documentation carefully. That daemon is much more
powerful than uw-imap and therefor needs more setup steps and


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