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Re: The best things in Fedora Core 2

João Paulo (LinuxMall) wrote:


What are the best things in Fedora Core 2? I did't use it yet. But I would like to know what do users think about:

- hardware detection

It detected all supported hardware even the Promise SATA 3xx, that I don't use.
I wish my HP 3750c scanner was supported. :-(
When I hooked up a Logitech 3000 webcam, my audio wouldn't work.
My Logitech click 510 still does not work.
I could not get my iRMan to work.
There appears to be a kernel driver for the ATI USB remote, but I didn't try it.

- variety of applications (large or could be better)

I didn't notice anything missing, that I did not expect.

- ease of installation and use

If you prefer KDE, it was easy.

- stability (it's really good?)

I was not able to get Gnome to play sounds.

- looks like Red Hat 9.0 in what aspects

Looks great.

- performance for slow computers

I have only tried it on P4's. One was a 1.5 with 1G of PC133 RAM with an ATI AIW 8500DV
and the other is a 2.4 with 1G of DDR 333MHz RAM with an nVidia Geforce 4 MX. Both
feel faster than they did with RHL 9 and FC1.

- etc. etc.

TvTime is much better that XawTv ever was.
GIMP is awesome, it is way better than the last Photoshop I used.
If you use MSN, kopete is much better than GAIM.



After messing around for a long time trying to get sound working under Gnome, I didn't have much time to play around with many apps once I switched to KDE. KDE seems to be much better that it used to be, I'll have to wait and see if Gnome improves.

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