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Re: bittorrent dl - still slow, does it pick up?

I've never been especially impressed with torrent. It's never offered me
much improvement over ftp.

I pointed torrent at the Duke server this morning.  The download of all 4
iso's concluded about 30 minutes ago. That's approx. 8 hours of download
time (obviously, the projected download times reported by torrent are not
to be believed). Top speed was around 150 kb/s, but the rate varied a
lot, with frequent drops as low as 6 and 7 kb/s.  Upload speed seemed to
remain constant in the mid 20's.

I tried torrent yesterday, letting it run for a few hours before giving
up.  Speeds were always below 10 kb/s.

Dunno if it makes much difference to torrent, but I'm within shouting
distance of Duke and RedHat.  If they were handing out actual CD's, I
could have made 4 or 5 round trips while waiting for the download to
finish. :-)

On Wed, 19 May 2004 22:47:03 +0200, "Florian Sievert"
<FlorianSievert Phobeus de> said:
> >However, I got em at 130k, fairly constant.  But then, my machine has raw 
> >ports 6881-6999 from the internet ( port forwarding ), so I get better 
> >"karma" with the downloads/uploads.  :)
> >  
> >
> I really like the idea with the better "karma" ;) I am also trying to 
> download fc2 via bittorrent and got dreamfull rates with about 80 kb/sec 
> the last hours. However the speed broke down this evening and I am 
> really happy about 10kb/sec. I asked myself if there are meanwhile to 
> much sourcers for the tracker, so communication is slowing down. However 
> I really think currently it is all about luck. Wishing luck that the 
> speed will increase the next hours again ;)
> -- 
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