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Re: Weird sound issues Was: FC 2 : Alsa,Alsa,Alsa

Guy Fraser schrieb:
david walcroft wrote:

I've just put FC2 in, system-config-soundcard works with no problem
but KDE does'nt want to work.It's the same problem I had in Test3 and I
get these two errors,which did'nt happen in Test3

"Sound server informational message:
Error while initializing the sound driver:
device: default can't be opened for playback (Unknown error)
The sound server will continue, using the null output device."

"amixer: Unknown playback setup 'on' "
this error appears when running  system-config-soundcard

my card is an Audigy emuk10,I have not tried other sound sources (xmms)

TIA david


I was able to get XMMS to play WAV files after selecting ESD as the output system, but could not get Gnome to play the WAV sounds. I switched to KDE and it plays sounds well.

Even though I had all the sound levels cranked up the line in level was not very loud. While trying to get my scanner to work I started scanimage and the volume jumped up. For what ever reason scanimage decided to use my video capture card because it couldn't find my scanner.

In Gnome the mixer shows way too many volume controls. Many appear to be duplicates and some don't move. In KDE the mixer seems to show the correct number of mixer controls and they all seem to work.

When i did an lsmod as root, I noticed that the OSS compatibility module was loaded. The reason I mention it, was I had originally thought Gnome had been compiled with OSS support rather than ALSA support. Since the OSS module is loaded it shouldn't matter which one it was compiled with I would think.

The sound on the computer with the problems has an on-board {ASUS-P4PE}
SoundMax {ADI198x AC97 codec}. I wonder if it is somehow stuck in surround sound mode. When I get home tonight I will try hooking the speakers to the line in and mic jacks to see if it is sending sound to those ports {that is where the centre/sub and surround outputs are when in surround mode}.

ha, found the solution for my sound-problem... i had to try the other jacks... thank you for this hint!

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