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FC2: Wow

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Hi folks, just thought I'd pass along a successful upgrade story.  It's 
interesting because I'm doing some weird things that could, convievably, play 
GOTCHA with me.

I was on FC1.  I was using winbind for authentication to a win2k AD domain.  I 
was using NFS to share the home directory off my file server ( RH8 ).

Because there is nothing special or unique on this machine, backup was a 
breeze.  :)  Started a clean install ( upgrading has never been my "thing" ), 
finished in about 30 minutes ( left to get some pepsi, sweet nectar from the 
GODS I tell you ).  Started up, setup krb5.conf, copied /var/cache/samba from 
my server, nsswitch, /etc/pam.d file.  net ads join.  /etc/init.d/smb 
restart, winbind restart.  Mounted home, and suddenly I was back up and 
running with all my settings ( kopete, konqueror, themes, ect... ).  

I have to say, the windows folks could learn a lot from you folks ( fedora + 
linux in general ).  

1 hangup I had:  Where fc1 could figure out what version of nfs the server was 
using, fc2 could not.  And as I've never dealt with that before, it was a bit 
confusing.  A bit of man page crawling on 'nfs' tho, straighted it out.

So, that's my success story.  It was a very smooth upgrade.  Especially when 
you consider trying the same thing with a windows box and roaming profiles 
( shudder ).
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