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Random install hang FC2 on KM266 mobo

I've searched archives, not encountered a fix ... pointers to FAQ/doc would be appreciated...

I had RG9 running in this box and old motherboard failed. So, I bought an MSI KM2M Combo-L (KM266 with integrated S3 ProSavage video, etc) and just fired RH disk back up. Well, it hangs during boot on "Finding module dependencies ..." so I decided to just upgrading to FC2, figured that might handle whatever the hardware issues are.

Bum the FC2 install hangs. It's always after I have gotten past the "transferring install image to hard disk" step. Once or twice it hung in "Preparing RPM transaction", once during "Preparing to install" (at about 7/8 done) and a couple times while actaully writing packages to the hard disk (got glibc transferred, hung moving iproute, that sort of thing). It's random ...

I've turned on and off USB legacy support, APIC. I've tried graphical and text-install. What else?

Thanks lots,


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