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Re: Adobe Acrobat Mozilla

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It would appear that on May 19, Gerry Tool did say:

> C G wrote:
> > Hello -
> >  
> > I have Adobe Acrobat 5 installed and working fine on my Fedora Core 2 
> > system. The Mozilla plug-in page shows the .pdf is enabled. When I click 
> > on a .pdf link a blank page is presented. Acrobat does not open. Is 
> > there a way to get Acrobat or another PDF reader to open when I click on 
> > a .pdf hyperlink embedded in a web page? Any help on this is greatly 
> > appreciated.
> >  
> > Best regards - Chris
> > 
> When I encounter a pdf in Mozilla, one of the choices it presents is to 
> open it in the default app, ggv.  If I select that, the pdf opens.  This 
> is a fresh install with no third party stuff added.
> Gerry Tool

That may well depend on the link. I'm not an expert on that. But I do
have a relevant experiance... I use mostly mozilla And/or firefox
depending on my mood. [firefox has improved to the point where it's rare
to find a web page that it fails on anymore :) but I like having
alternatives so I still use mozilla.] 

Just like Gerry I have opened .pdf files with default app before (Though
in my case it wanted xpdf). But I also have an on-line banking accessible
account with my credit union. Where I'm supposed to be able to view
images of the checks posted to my account. Links to the images appear in
my on-line account details, But when I click on them I get a nearly blank
page with an icon, and a few words that claim my image is loading... I
have a broadband connection, But I waited like I was still using a 14.4
dial-up connection... Then I click on the the icon to get a message that
the application/pdf can only be viewed with the appropriate plugin...

I've looked at this with both mozilla and firefox, and I can't remember
which one, but only one of them had a download plugin now button on the
message box. it lead (of course) to adobe, where if you followed the
trail to the linux version offered up an tarball that when examined
appeared to be the same ver 5.0.8 I get with the command "acroread"
I didn't see any point to messing with an rpm that yum keeps up to date
just to install a tarball, But I did find a readme file in this v5.0.8
tarball that only talked about netscrape, it wanted version 4.5 (or
thereabouts) for crying out loud...  I've looked at the acroread menu
choices and tried setting it's plugin support to mozilla, But it didn't

I suspect that when my bank set up the link to the pdf, that they
probably didn't quite follow the standards. And since my browser doesn't
do it exactly the same way as an outdated netscrape with official plugin
would have, I simply don't get access to the image. I bitched to the
banks email, but they have yet to reply.

If anyone knows how to get mozilla to tell the bank it has the adobe
plugin, and then route the pdf to the default application. I'd love to
hear it <grin>

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