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Re: sshd config - WAS Secure entry into remote systems

On 5/20/04 5:24 PM, "Edward" <edward tripled iinet net au> wrote:

> OK, I need some more clarification here please. After reading all the
> suggestions, I'd like to set up shared key authentication.

You mean, Public key authentication.

> After reading mountains of stuff on the internet, I can't get this to work.
> The client is PuTty if that makes a difference.
> 1> Used PuTtygen.exe to create a key pair with a pass phrase.
> 2> saved both keys into a folder on the client PC.
> 3> Copied the PUBLIC key to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys on the ssh server
> (FC1 with all updates).

Make sure that the public key is in the format

 ssh-rsa [key string] <comment - usuall user host>

I know puttygen will by default create a different style key, you can
manually convert it to the format above. It needs to be on one line.

Also, make sure ~/.ssh is mode 0700 and authorized_keys is 0600. Other
permissions can cause problems (not sure if this is the case these days, but
I do it anyway because you don't want other people looking in your .ssh dir


Nathan Ollerenshaw - Unix Systems Engineer
ValueCommerce - http://www.valuecommerce.ne.jp/

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