FC2 crashes on install on Virtual PC 5.1

fenix at theopencd.net fenix at theopencd.net
Thu May 20 11:02:06 UTC 2004

I have decided to test FC2 OS.

I'm running WindowsXP, Virtual PC5.1, and FC2 just doesn't want to install 
under that platform.
The VirtualPC 5.1 is equipped with 192MB RAM.

I have tried "nofb", "vdso=0", but graphics install crashes, and even the text 
based install, that started successfully, stucked at 98% (gnome-applets) for 
10 minutes.
I chose English, standard Desktop install.

The FC1 install and works fine on the same platform. What is the problem?
btw: FC2-T3 installs, but doesn't run, so I deleted it.


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