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Re: FC2 - Firefox/Mozilla confusion

Dave Cross wrote:
I've upgraded a system from FC1 to FC2. I've also installed Dag's latest
FC2 rpm for Firefox. But everytime I try to start Firefox I get Mozilla
instead. This happens whether I open it from the menu, from the icon on
my gnome panel or if I run it from the command line.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Is there a fix?

It's not that I don't like Mozilla, but I'd rather have Firefox :)



Dag's firefox is flawed in that it lacks Blizzard's xremote fixes. Please read and follow the directions in my earlier announcement about official Fedora Extras firefox & thunderbird. Fedora Extras firefox & thunderbird have been rigorously polished by 6 different people, and they now integrate perfectly with FC2 desktop. You can even choose both as default browser and mail application in the Preferred Applications chooser.

Heed the warnings about repository mixing though. You need to either choose Fedora Extras, or the often clashing 3rd party repositories. (Don't try to deny it. <evil grin>)

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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