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Re: nvidia and FC2

On Thu, 20 May 2004 14:34:30 +0100, Rui Miguel Seabra <rms 1407 org> wrote:

With Free Software drivers (note: not necessarily GPL) you wouldn't be
having the troubles there are right now (which are only happening
_once_again_ although for different technical reasons).

  I for one am glad that nvidia provides
drivers so my kids can play Tux Racer:)  I would rather them provide gpl
drivers, but I respect their business decision.

You respect a decision that doesn't respect you? You do know that respect goes both ways, right?

I for one appreciate that they do provide drivers for linux when linux does
not figure in the mass market. And since they are going out of their way to
do something they do not need to do to thrive as a business, then yes I think
they do deserve some respect for that. Anyone who does a favour for you when
they dont need to do it really does deserve some thanks.

Sure it would be nice if it was open source, but it really is difficult to
jump on any bandwagon one way or another without knowing all the issues
regarding NVIDIA's business and legal position, it may simply be completely
impossible for them to survive as a business should they do so. It's very rare
to find a business like RedHat which stands on those principles and surivives.


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