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Desperately need help! DHCP & host name problems........

Hi there:

As I am struggling to get my internet connection to work properly, I am
getting more and more lost with it. Desperately need help!

Ok, I have a dual boot system (laptop) that has Fedora and Windows XP. And
the type of connection I am trying to get to work is Ethernet DHCP.

Here is what happened. I now can activate the connection (after boot, not
during system startup) but once its activated, Mozilla and the terminal
won't start and the system behaves strangely. And in this case, the only
thing I can do to stop it is to reboot. The situation won't resolve even if
I deactivate the connection.

I then tried to bring up the Ethernet connection during the system start up,
but the host name (appeared at the bottom right corner during the log in)
has changed! it changed into my Windows XP's system name(winchun). If I
proceed with the log in, it gave me a message saying something like "could
not look up internet address for winchun. This will prevent GNOME from
operating correctly". If I continue further, fedora starts up as normal and
things seems to work including mozilla and the rest. Just now instead of
saying in the terminal:

myname localhost myname

It says

myname the_name_of_my_window_system myname

Help! what happened? Hope I am making sense.....

Many thanks



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