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Re: Not enough disk space error

Ben Levin said:
> I'm trying to install FC2 on a Dell Inspiron 4000
> laptop with a 10gb hard drive.  The anaconda installer
> runs fine, I can select the installation type,
> packages, etc, but every time the installer starts and
> the partitions are formatted, I get an error saying
> that there was a problem copying the installation
> image to the hard drive, and that it may be out of
> space.
> I'm trying to install on a totally clean hard drive,
> since I wiped out what was on there before.  Any
> suggestions on how to get FC2 to install? Thanks.
> -Ben

 i have the same exact laptop.  rh9 gave me the same errors when
installing even with nothing on the drive, i swapped it with another
drive and everything worked fine.  i also had the 10gb drive (now 40gb)

though this may be the wrong direction to send you.  have you tried going
into rescue mode from the first cd, using fdisk to completely blank out
the drive of partitions you don't need and then going into the installer
and letting it create the partitions?

also, you have to remember that fc2 is alot larger than fc1 or rh9, a full
install is well over 6 gb, a default install is over 2 gb.  ensure your /
dir is large enough.


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