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Re: Add/Remove programs

Douglas Furlong wrote:
On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 15:01, Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Do, den 20.05.2004 schrieb venkata ramana um 15:04:

     I have installed fedora core2 from network using an ftp server.
Now if I want to add a package using add/remove programs it is asking
me to insert CDs. Is there a way to specify the location from which
add/remove program fetches the rpm files. If it can install the rpm
packages directly from network life will become easy for me.


man yum man up2date

Being able to use the Add/Remove application for this would be advantageous.

It provides a nice and easy gui to be able to read descriptions of
applications. For people like my farther, I could tell him to look in
there if he's trying to install some thing, and then have the ISO's on
my file server. It would make things much simpler for the two of us.

It seems a tad strange that there isn't an easier way of pointing it to
a local repo.


This may be something to look into:


I haven't tried it myself, but it is supposed to be a GUI frontend for apt-get.

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