Dual booting FC2 with FC1

Christopher K. Johnson ckjohnson at gwi.net
Thu May 20 18:48:20 UTC 2004

Dave wrote:

>> I installed FC1 to a new machine a week ago. The PC was meant to be a
>> 'test-bed' machine but having updated and tweaked FC1 over the week I
>> find that it's working better than any PC on my LAN so I'm loathe to
>> lose it now. :)
>> I have a spare new Hard Drive to install to this machine so I'm going to
>> install FC2 to the new disk and keep FC1 on the master disk.
Be aware that by default the partitions for each filesystem will be 
identified by the label (man e2label) and will be given the same names 
if you create the same mount points.  So you will need to either use 
e2label in an alternate console before you reboot after the install, or 
you will need to boot rescue after the install, in order to make the 
corrections.  There are references in /etc/fstab and in 
/boot/grub/grub.conf to labels and you will need to update them to match 
the new labels you set on whichever (FC1 or FC2) partitions you change.

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