Thoughts and Questions On Yum, Up2Date. Etc.

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Thu May 20 19:28:54 UTC 2004

billg said:
>> This has been discussed many, many, many, many, many, many times here.
>> Please search the archives.
> I know.  But the mirrors are still slow.
> My point is this: Fedora would be a better product if the confusion about
> up2date and yum and source lists was eliminated.

Feodra would be a better product if it has no bugs that required updates. 
Just saying that doesn't help anything.

> Users should be offered
> a choice of updating installed software or adding new software from
> official repositories.

And what part of that doesn't up2date do?

> Unless  you're an admin, there should never be a
> need to even know source lists exist.

You don't.

> Something is wrong when an average
> user asks a question about updating and is referred to a tutorial on
> editing mirror lists.

That's why up2date has code to pick a random mirror.

> Microsoft doesn't make users do this;

Who cares?  Microsoft doesn't offer a full featured web server, does that
mean we should rip out httpd?  If your main arguement is "This isn't how
Microsoft would do things" you have already lost.

> neither
> should RedHat.

Last time I checked, this was a Fedora list, not a Red Hat list.

William Hooper

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