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RE: Thoughts and Questions On Yum, Up2Date. Etc.

billg said:
>> This has been discussed many, many, many, many, many, many times here.
>> Please search the archives.
> I know.  But the mirrors are still slow.
> My point is this: Fedora would be a better product if the confusion
> about up2date and yum and source lists was eliminated.  Users should be
> offered a choice of updating installed software or adding new software
> from official repositories. Unless  you're an admin, there should never
> be a need to even know source lists exist. Something is wrong when an
> average user asks a question about updating and is referred to a
> tutorial on editing mirror lists.  Microsoft doesn't make users do this;
> neither should RedHat.

what?!?  slow?!?

is slow 700kB/s at work and 150kB/s from home?  have you tried several
mirrors to see what one is the fasted?

and comparing linux to windows is like comparing a new breed of apples to 
oranges in a way... they're both fruit, but different fruit. one hasn't
been around long, hasn't been perfected in every way.  it's a process, and
people who complain about how it's not enough like windows havn't either
seen what we had just 4 years ago (from which, microsoft hasn't really
progressed from) and what we have now.

also, i'll quote the immortal words of my friend joe, "what do you want
for free?"  linux is still about 30% an enginneer only o/s, so editing
things is required... but probably won't be for long.

and if you use apt, then you don't have to edit anything.   just run
apt-get mirror-select to select your mirrors, and then apt-get install
synaptic... say goodbye to the command line.



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"Hello everybody out there using minix - I'm doing
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         - Linus Torvalds, August 1991

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