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cpu running half speed on FC2


I updated my (old) laptop from FC1 to FC2 yesterday and after the usual problems with the pcmcia cards and networking, I've noticed something strange.

I monitor my CPU and ethernet usage with gkrellm and I've noticed that my computer is running at about half the speed it should and the clock is running at about twice the speed it should.

The laptop is a IBM Thinkpad i1412 with 512MB Ram and a 366 MHz Celeron. gkrellm says its running at 182 MHz. I've added the acpid and enabled it in the grub.conf with acpi=on. The battery monitor doesn't work either, and it used to in FC1.

I've poked around a little, but my ACPI knowledge is limited. I've noticed that my /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/ directory has no sub-directories. I gather this is because I doubt this hardware supports this kind of thing.

Any suggestions? 366MHz was just usable for what I do, but 182MHz is unacceptable.


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