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Re: Thoughts and Questions On Yum, Up2Date. Etc.

Davy Brion wrote:

up2date has no way of listing available packages that aren't installed

already... not sure if the CLI version allows it, but the GUI version
doesn't. so up2date doesn't allow 'adding new software from official

update is_not install

$ man up2date
      Update Agent - a program for updating packages on Red Hat Linux

i know most of us dislike microsoft, but as much as we dislike them, you
have to give them credit for making things easy for _normal_ users.

and for viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, addware, ...

but ms-windows is not admin-friendly :-(

Linux distro's in general have the tendency to make some important tasks
anything but easy for newcomers. Do you honestly think this is the
correct approach?  For your sake, i hope not

f your main arguement is "This isn't how
Microsoft would do things" you have already lost.

if your argument is 'we shouldn't do this just because microsoft does
it' then you shouldn't be arguing about how an operating system should
work in the first place.

good bye security.

For a lot of users, microsoft does a good job
in making things easy and simple...

especially for virus-writers, but surely not for admins.

there's no shame at all in copying
that approach.

sure, every day a lot of new viruses, ... eg. http://sophos.co.uk/downloads/ide/

wake up and see what microsoft had produced in the last 10 years.

a lot of promises
a lot of money
a lot of buggy and insecure software
a lot of d... users
a lot of d... admins

i find nothing what is it worth to copy to linux, bsd, ...


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