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Re: Secure entry into remote systems

Behold, Tom 'Needs A Hat' Mitchell <mitch48 sbcglobal net> hath decreed:
> On Thu, May 20, 2004 at 10:45:02AM -0400, duncan brown wrote:
> > Tom Needs A Hat Mitchell said:
> > 
> > > DynDNS costs money small as it is and you still have to script the
> > > discovery of the DHCP assigned address.  Since you have to do that
> > > anyhow there is no reason you cannot simply update a resource you own
> > > via ftp, scp, email, what ever.  Heck a simple wget from a periodic cron
> > > job of a small special file name on your web site will log the ipaddress
> > > that you need to ssh into the box.  The file does not need to exist.
> > 
> > dyndns is free for dynamic ips, you can have 5 on an account.
> Since $0.00 is small we do agree. 
>   http://www.dyndns.org/services/dyndns/
>    "The Dynamic DNSSM service allows you to alias a dynamic IP address
>    to a static hostname in any of the many domains we offer, allowing
>    your computer to be more easily accessed from various locations on
>    the Internet. We provide this service, for up to five (5)
>    hostnames, free to the Internet community.
> The larger prices involve domain and host names outside of the domains
> that dyndns controls.  Also, I suspect that the initial poster has more
> than five boxes to keep track of.  Still cheep....

I missed the original msg, but here are some additions:

1. There are a number of daemons that will update dyndns automagically.
   I use ddclient myself (it also works with other dyndns-like services).
   My linksys wireless-G router also provides such automatic update,
   but I found ddclient to provide more options (I can't remember
   specifically what the issue was).

2. You can set up your dyndns domain to allow wildcards, so that, for
   example, if your dynamic domain name is "mydomain.dyndns.org", 
   enabling wildcards will allow things like "box1.mydomain.dyndns.org"
   to go to the same box. You'll still have to route stuff to the 
   right place, so this is really only convenient for say, Apache (which
   can handle such virtual domain names). If you only need to differentiate
   between boxen on the LAN, then of course you can set up your own
   local DNS (or if you don't need all that, /etc/hosts), but those
   names won't be known outside of your LAN.

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