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Re: Not sure what happened ?

Warren Togami wrote:

Randy Ramsdell wrote:

Anyway my previous message was about the ASUS incompatibility. It seems FC2 is completely useless on and ASUS (probably new) Mboard. Unfortunately for me, I have just purchased an ASUS board. Does anyone find it odd that a dist. would be completely incompatible with a whole of manufacturer's line of Mboards, or is it just me? This is a known issue and has been for awhile, so it dismays me as to why a final version of ANY operating system would basically state "ASUS Mboards won't work with this OS."

Your post is totally unhelpful.

How about every p4p800 model>

Here is the relative FC2 release note:

"Installation-Related Issues

Attempts to install Fedora Core 2 on ASUS® motherboards in the P4P800 series may not proceed past the "Uncompressing Linux... Ok, booting the kernel." message, making installation impossible. No workaround is available at this time. "

Here is the bug:

Here is Redhat's response to this problem:


You don't even mention what model of motherboard, BIOS version, or even processor. Without this information, it is kind of like saying, "Help! My car stopped working! I wont tell you what car I have except that it is Toyota. I wont tell you how it failed either. I demand that you help me, and I blame you for all this trouble!"

It is irrelevant. This issue has been known since FC2 test 2, and I would assume if anyone had this motherboard or any ASUS MB would respond with their personal work-around. My configuration is basically the same as the many of the others.

This post was to elicit responses from people have the problem and are working on it such as myself.

Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com

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