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XFree86 gone from Fedora Core? WHY!?

Who made the not-very-bright decision of choosing X.org over XFree86 for Fedora Core 2, and WHY?

I also LOVE (sorry, I was sarcastic, DESPISE) this item in the Release Notes for FC 2:
"This release is a merger of the previous official X11R6 release, XFree86 4.4.0rc2, and additionally includes a number of updates"
1. XFree86 4.4.0rc2 was not a release (hence the rc, "release candidate")
2. It's not like XFree86 4.4 didn't come out.
3. What is that made XFree86 no longer official? Because some corporate bubbleheads decided to get together, swipe another organizations code and pose it as their own? Please.

I thought Fedora Core was going to be less corporate and more open now that Red Hat is no longer making Red Hat Linux. Apparently that isn't the case. If things keep going this way, I'm going to find another distribution. I certainly am not going to "upgrade to Fedora Core 2." Good luck to all of you braving the frontiers of the 2.6 kernel, too.


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