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Re: Dual booting FC2 with FC1

Robin Laing wrote:
Gerry Tool wrote:

Robin Laing wrote:

Gerry Tool wrote:

Dave wrote:

What about issues with ~/ config files if you want to share /home between FC1 and FC2? Will there be problems?

I am looking at putting FC2 on a partition but use the same /home directories until I have FC2 fully configured. My wife would kill me otherwise. :)

My solution to this problem is to make a separate /lnxdata partition on which I keep everything except config information which goes in /home. Then I let there be a separate /home within the / partition of each install and just use the /lnxdata to do all data sharing. If you want to share something that is in your old /home in the new one, just mount the old / partition and make a link in your new /home to whatever it is in your old /home. For example, I link to the evolution folder in my FC1 /home to use the same one in my FC2 /home. Then I never need to worry about incompatible configs, and the /lnxdata partition carries on from install to install with all my persistent data.

Another benefit is that the baggage from old configs doesn't get in the way of changed configuration file formats in the new install.

Hope this is useful.

Gerry Tool

I see a great benefit in this if wanting to test other distros as well.

I do see a problem if (as in my case) another user creates files and directories in their home directories. But this is an education issue.

I like the idea and I will have to do some moving as I presently have /home as a md0 partition. I try to put all my data into one subdirectory. Of course applications create their own directories by default.

At work we use nfs home directories and I have run into some problems in the past.


I'm glad you found it useful. As you suggested, I do also find it useful to have the persistent data available in other distros I'm trying out.


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