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ASUS motherboards

Good work Mark Fuller.

I was interested in the claim that all ASUS MBs were bad.  I burned a copy
Knoppix to a CD to see if it was a Kernel problem, but Knoppix and its 2.6
Linux kernel booted just fine.  I think that we, as a community, are missing
too many diagnostics.  I remember getting a diagnostic with every hardware

Tom 'Needs A Hat' Mitchell reminded me about how many assumptions I made
about hardware and media when I complained about burning installation disks.
I slowed down my burning speed and everything is working much better.  Tom
was right, but the hardware and media specs suggest that I can trust full
speed burns.

As this list become more popular and well known, it would server all the
problem solvers well to develop some simple (very simple) checklists to help
people gather more knowledge about their systems.  Check lists can help
people paredo out classes of problems and focus resources.


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