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gnome behaving badly

I just installed FC2 and as usual, I'm having problems with gnome.
By default, Nautilus wasn't in browser mode, i.e. you couldn't go
back/forward, etc, so I corrected that from gconf-editor. It changed
nautilus, but then I poked around in gconf-editor, and though I didn't
think I changed anything, mozilla started to behave badly.

I have mozilla configured to start every new instance with the home
page, wich I have set to google. I also have a keyboard shortcut
configured from Start-Here -> Preferences -> KbdShortcuts to start
mozilla. It used to work as expected before I messed up with gconf.
Now, it still starts mozilla, but it begins with a blank page.

When I start mozilla at the prompt, it starts up with google, as
I want it to.

I did a ps in both cases. From the keyboard, it is started as

/usr/lib/mozilla-1.6/mozilla-bin about:blank

whereas at the prompt, it's started as


i.e. without the about:blank

I don't suppose gnome has a mind of its own, so there must be some
obscure config file that starts mozilla with about:blank.
Does anybody have any idea where to look for that? I did a grep in
/etc and in ~ but it didn't return anything.

Oh, and I created a brand new user and the same happens, so it must be a
global config file. I don't understand how as simple user I could mess up
a global config file.


P.S. This is a re-post of a message I posted originally to
comp.os.linux.misc. I was hoping I would get an answer in a regular
newsgroup, which I prefer to a mailing list. Yes, I did try gmane, I
confirmed my existence and I got back an ok message, but my post hasn't
gone through.  It may work, but if it takes weeks to post, I might as well
subscribe to the list.

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