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Various (non critical) mouse problems


I had this (aparently) common problem with my touchpad (tapping not working) and solved it by adding "psmouse.proto=imps" to the parameters sent by grub to the kernel (thanks to those who gave this solution!).

But now I have another problem with my mice, under RedHat 9 I used to set my touchpad and my usb mouse in two different sections (one for /dev/psaux and one for /dev/input/mice ) of the Xfree config file. Now, apparently both mice are "mapped" (sorry it's probably not the right technical term...) to /dev/input/mouse or something like that, and then I have no other choice but to set up the mice in the same "InputDevice" section. So far, this shouldn't be a problem, BUT...
But my usb mouse is a Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman, a nice mouse with a nice problem: the signal sent by the mouse is faulty and I had to introduce the following option in the "InputDevice" section of this usb mouse " Option "AngleOffset" "-12" ". It worked well under RH9, but now of course if I do this, my touchpad is also affected by this change... So I wanted to know if there's a way to make such a change only on my usb mouse, while using Fedora and its nice kernel 2.6 ?

Another non critical problem, is that it seems that my wheel is a bit to sensitive (more than when I used RH9) and as I'm using Enlightenment, the consequence is that everytime I use the wheel on the desktop "n", I go to the desktop "n+2" (or "n-2") at least (and it didn't happen with Enlightenemnt under RH9)... So if someone as an idea of where the wheel sensitivity can be tweaked (for the X server or Enlightenment).


PS: if someone has an idea of why the tapping problem also affected my WindowsXP (dual boot), I'm eager to ear it!

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