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Re: sound

Adam Williams wrote:

run xmixer or kimix, do you have the cd audio turned up or all the way down?

ivaldes2 bellsouth net wrote:

i run fc1 updated to kernel .2188. my laptop has a builtin dvd-cdrom and an external usb iomega cdrw. the dvd-cdrom works fine when i play a music cd,including sound, the iomega runs fine but can't get sound when i play a cd. the sound card is correctly detected by the sndconfig tool. how can this be corrected?
both units are in the /etc/fstab file. thanks for ur help in advance.

The usb attached drive will not provide analogue audio because there will be no physical audio connection back to the laptop.

The only way to do it is via a program which reads the audio track digitally. This is the way Windows Media Player does it on XP, which in theory gives better sound quality. Also you DO NOT need the analogue cable connected inside the case to use it.

Don't know if Linux has such a player though. Anyone know?


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