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Poor interactive response from the FC2 kernel on SMP hardware?

Folks - I've been running FC1 with a home-build (stock) 2.6.X kernel for several months without issue. 

I upgraded to FC2 the other night and was immediately struck by the poor interactive performance of the system.  Audio (Ogg) played via rythmbox skips and stutters during I/O, the GUI pauses for "long" periods (where long is > 0), etc.

I just built a stock 2.6.6 kernel using the i686 smp config file shipped with FC2, and performance is much improved.  (I'm typing this, listening to music, and doing a make clean on the kernel tree with no stuttering.)

Have others seen this issue?  Is it known?  A search of this list didn't turn up anything that clearly matched, nor did a search of RH Bugzilla.


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