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Fedora and the Epia M 6000 motherboard

I was having boot issues with this have finally resolved them. The system was hanging at the freeing init memory message.

Traces lead me to conclude that execve was the culprit and I realised that I had the i686 version of glibc. I had to switch to an i586 kernel to get around an immediate reboot issue, so the answer proved to be simple, switch to the i386 glibc.

FC2 rescue CD initially displays a graphic on which almost no text is visible, hitting return causes an immediate reboot. Experiments with the 2.6 kernel lead me to the conclusion that it seemed to be a compiler issue, namely when I compiled the 2.6 kernel myself it didn't give an immediate reboot. I had to pass a parameter (vdso=0) to get it to start init.

This is mainly for information as my searches of list made me realise that a few people have had the same kinds of problems.

I would like to know how to create a bootable rescue CD with my own 2.6 kernel... I've read the man page for mkisofs but cant work out which boot option to go for.

David Woakes
t 0131 447 0509
m 07966 444 615
f 07970 205 091
e david mitredata co uk

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