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Re: 3d Animation and video Editing

On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 03:18, John Chapman wrote:
> I am a huge linux fan and want to switch my entire computer system to 
> linux based software.  However,  i have not found a 3d animation suite 
> that compares to NewTeks Lightwave 3d or a video editing suite 
> comparable to NewTeks VideoToaster or Adobe Premeire.  If any one knows 
> of a descent software package please let me know.  The few I have found 
> do not meet my needs.

I'm currently experimenting with blender. Although the inter face is a
bit archaic it's perfectly useable. You can't learn it's features in
half an hour (but then since when could you do that in

It's exceedingly capable. Just recently an experienced user beat down
all these apps to win a 3Dluvvr contest. Check out CGTalk.com and look
for "The Gate". Also another user came 4th of something like 20  in the
Boxx contest with his mining droid.

It's got all the animation stuff. RVK's, IK's, FK armatures and the
rest. Good modelling abilities with subsurf, nurbs, beziers, UV mapping.
A very capaple renderer with raytracing, AO, Radiosity etc. As well as
built in links to Yafray an amazing Raytracing renderer easily capable
of Photo realism. 

Check out www.elysiun.com. It's the community site. It has some great
people that are very willing to help you get started.

Hope you find what your looking for.


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