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Re: Thoughts and Questions On Yum, Up2Date. Etc.

On Thu, 2004-05-20 at 19:21, Jonathan Gardner wrote:
> On Thursday 20 May 2004 11:22 am, billg wrote:
> > I used up2date immediately after FC2 installtion yesterday with no
> > problems or delays.  Five packages were installed.
> >
> > Earlier today, I attempted to install a single package using yum:  yum
> > install <packagename>.
> >
> > Yum was very, very slow. If I didn't know better, as a new user might
> > not, I would've assumed that it had crashed. Yum also began to downoad
> > headers for several packages other than the paclage I had requested.  I
> > terminated yum before it completed.
> >
> Yum takes its sweet time downloading all new headers. I would rather have a 
> backend cron running every night or so that gets the headers, and have yum 
> the app default to not downloading headers, with an option to download the 
> headers if needed.

Ergh, this is a bit of fud I fear :(

>From man yum.

 -C     Tells  yum  to  run  entirely  from cache - does not download
        or update any headers unless it has to  to  perform  the
        requested action.

              Implemented so you could know if your machine  had  any
              updates that  needed  to  be  applied  without running it
              Returns exit value of 100 if there are packages available
              for an update.  Also  returns  a list of the pkgs to be
              updated in list format. Returns 0 and no packages are
              available for update.

If you run "chkconfig --level 345 yum on" this will configure your
system to run nightly updates, which in turn will also update the
headers, so when you come to running yum during the day it shouldn't
have to download new headers, apart from the ones released that day (or
of course you can just use the -C option.

> > Two questions, then:
> >
> > 1)  Is yum's unresponsiveness due to mirror load? If so, why wasn't
> > up2date slow?  Just dumb luck?  Do they not look at the same
> > repositories?
> >
> The first time you use Yum, it has to get a lot of data.
Again this is not necessarily true, for the base packages (other repo's
it is the case).

>From man yum.conf

	boolean  - defaults to 1. This tells yum to use, if present, the
	rpmdb present in the path specfied  in  the  cachedb  option  to
	prime the header cache.

	path  to complete rpmdb for your distro - typically contained in
	the rpmdb-yourdistro package. defaults to

I would think for a workstation/desktop install it may be a good idea
for these to be installed and configured at boot, and may be nice if the
other repo's created their own rpm's for the above two, and had it in
their FAQ, but I'm fairly certain that most people would still complain.


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