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Re: XCDRoast - FC2

Am Fr, den 21.05.2004 schrieb Srinivasan S um 05:39:

> I upgraded today to FC2 and am now having problems with XCDRoast.
> XCDRoast detects my CDRW as both SCSI and ATAPI.  By default ATAPi is selected . 
> When I press OK, I get a message that ATAPI is not suggested due to performance reasons
> and I should switch on SCSI-EMULATION.  I did a google on this and found a doc which talks about
> using lilo.conf to setup scsi-emulation.  My problem is I do not use lilo, I use grub.


-> kernel: The 2.6 kernel provides a new and much-improved mechanism
(known as SG_IO) for applications that must send raw commands to storage

Go on reading there ...

> Please help to enable SCSI-EMULATION:
> 1)  CDRW on /dev/hdd
> 2)  FC2 using GRUB

ide-scsi is deprecated! Please read above.

> Srini


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