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Re: Strange error adding a second hard disk

Am Fr, den 21.05.2004 schrieb Colin Paul Adams um 14:54:

> Powering up, the BIOS recognised the disk, but when linux booted from
> the primary master, it seemed to bring / up as read-only (there were
> messages such as couldn't re-write /etc/fstab as the system is
> read-only).
> So I tried switching it to the secondary controller (as a slave behind
> the CD drive). This time, the bios did not recognise the presence of a
> second hard disk, but otherwise I get the same problem.
> So I have un-plugged the power to the disk, and boot-up is again fine.
> Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

If both drives contain Fedora / Redhat installations the behaviour
results from the usage of partition labels. Boot with CD1 into rescue
mode and change in the fstab the LABEL entries to the real partition
data (hdXY). Also change in grub the kernel line from using root=LABEL=/
to using the partition like hda2.


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