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Re: Work around for bug 121819 - P4P800 series mobos

raxet wrote:

FROM Owen Taylor COMMENT #67 on bug 121819:

Here's a method I got from Jeremy Katz to workaround this problem.
(This is from memory, so some of the paths are approximate, if
someone tries this, they may want to write down the exact paths
as they go and correct me)

1. Once the CD is mounted (I think this is at the first graphical
   screen, but you may have to go a few further), switch back
   to VT running a shell. (One of Control-Alt-F1/F2/etc.)

2. Change into the RPMS directory on the mounted CD

# cd /mnt/sources/Fedora/RPMS/

3. Uncompress the kernel-smp package into /tmp.

# rpm2cpio kernel-smp-2.6.5-1.358.i68.rpm | (cd /tmp && cpio -id)

4. Go into the modules directory:

# cd /tmp/lib/modules/2.6.5-1.358smp/kernel

5. Install the modules you need, e.g.

   # insmod fs/jbd/jbd.ko       [ Journalling Block Device, needed by
ext3 ]
   # insmod fs/ext3/ext3.ko
   # insmod drivers/md/xor.ko   [ XOR, needed by RAID5 ]
   # insmod drivers/md/raid0.ko
   # insmod drivers/md/raid1.ko
   # insmod drivers/md/raid5.ko

 (You probably don't need all those RAID drivers, there might
  be others you need if you are doing something unusual.)

6. Do an lsmod to make sure that the modules actually got loaded
   (the insmod command is a stripped down version without
    error reporting)

7. Switch back to the VT with the X server and continue the install.

I was wondering about this post @ bugzilla.

That is the problem, we can't get to the 1st graphical screen! It reboots just after "uncompressing kernel" is printed, which is 1 of the first steps on install.

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