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Re: Oracle 8.1.7 on Fedora Core 2 aka tettnang

On Fri, 21 May 2004 14:54:21 +0200
Alexander Dalloz <alexander dalloz uni-bielefeld de> wrote:

> Am Fr, den 21.05.2004 schrieb Ken Rice um 06:55:
> > Is it possible to install this release of Oracle on FC2? (9i or later isn't possible)
> > Ken Rice
> Are you certain? Oracle 9i and 10g are installable on Fedora Core 1 at
> least.
> http://www.oracle-base.com/articles/9i/Oracle9iInstallationOnFedora1.php
> http://www.oracle-base.com/articles/10g/OracleDB10gInstallationOnFedora1.php
> So what's preventing from installing on Fedora Core 2?

Sorry for the confusion. 9i and 10g are out of my picture. I must stay with 8i as that is what my company's software
currently runs on. No other reason.

I will be exporting an Oracle 8i db that is currently running on Solaris 9 and will be importing it onto a FC2 box running
Oracle 8i for Linux. We are then going to upgrade our software in parallel on both a SUN UE450
and a DELL PE1650. I'm counting that the upgrade of our software that runs on top of Oracle 8i will be
completed significantly faster on the Dell. (Stacking the deck here doesn't matter-our inhouse DBA is still running an upgrade
on the SUN box for 11 days and counting!)

I have a shot here at demonstrating inhouse that db builds, etc., are "faster, more robust, etc." when run
on a Linux server than if it is on Windows 2K3 (exact same hardware) or a UE450 or a customer's SUN E5500. 

I picked FC2 as it is the basis for RHES and RHAS, and one or both are certified for Oracle.

I have the glibc stub libraries as I noted in my first email. That's my concern, if anyone has experience with Oracle 8i for Linux
installing/running on an very-current Distribution.
Here's what I found in a Gentoo Forum: 
It was done then. Could it be done now?

Thank you!

Ken Rice

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